Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG ‘Black Metallic Gold’ CZ9890-007


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The Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG ‘Black Metallic Gold’ CZ9890-007 is a top-of-the-line soccer cleat that combines innovative technology with an eye-catching design. Engineered specifically for elite players, this boot provides the ultimate performance on the field while adding a touch of style.

1. Enhanced Control: The Phantom GT2 Elite FG features a textured Flyknit upper with Nike’s innovative All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. This combination provides exceptional ball grip and control in both wet and dry conditions, allowing you to make precise moves and passes.

2. Dynamic Fit Collar: Designed for a seamless connection between the foot and ankle, the Dynamic Fit Collar provides a snug and supportive fit. It enhances stability and allows for quick and agile movements, giving you the confidence to outmaneuver your opponents.

3. Firm Ground Traction: Equipped with an advanced soleplate, the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG offers excellent traction on firm ground surfaces. The multi-directional studs promote quick acceleration and rapid changes in direction, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

– Colorway: Black Metallic Gold
– Style Code: CZ9890-007
– Upper Material: Flyknit with ACC technology
– Outsole: Firm ground (FG) soleplate
– Stud Configuration: Multi-directional studs for enhanced grip
– Fit: Dynamic Fit Collar for a secure and supportive fit
– Nike Swoosh: Metallic gold detailing for added style

In summary, the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG ‘Black Metallic Gold’ CZ9890-007 is a pinnacle soccer cleat that combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design. Whether you’re a professional player or a passionate enthusiast, these boots offer enhanced control, a snug fit, and unparalleled traction for dominating the game. Elevate your performance and stand out on the field with this premium soccer cleat.

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